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Jenny's Cookies: Cupcakes decorated for Christmas. (She used the whimsical cupcake cutter from Whisked Away Cutters.

Double Thumbprint Snowman Cookies recipe- because 2 cookies are always better than one. Cute double thumbprint cookies made into adorable snowmen.

Thumbprint Snowman Cookies Recipe

Thumbprint Snowman Cookies from Munchkin Munchies - the snowmen are cute, but I'll probably just use the recipe for the thumbprints, so no one in Tennessee knows what the heck I am talking about when I ask for thumbprint cookies.

Adorable Snowman Cookies

Czinkné Poor is the owner of Mézesmanna, a boutique sweetshop selling unique cookies that, besides being incredibly delicious, impress every visitor with his unique decoration

Meringue Christmas tree /  http://www.saveur.com/gallery/How-To-Roll-and-Decorate-a-Buche-de-Noel?page=0

MERINGUE Christmas tree cookies -Add green food coloring to meringue -Start with a 1 ½"-wide star, then pipe two more stars on top of the first, each ½" smaller than the last, to form a three-tiered Christmas tree.

Colorful Decorated Christmas Cookies & Brunelli Bedding | Sweetopia

Colorful decorated Christmas cookies inspired by Brunelli bedding. Cookie tips, recipes and how-to's for the Christmas baker!