BBC Sherlock Quote Poster - New

BBC Sherlock Quote Poster - New

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"The east wind came for him; he came for her." Sherlock and Eurus (made with LiteCollage)

"The east wind came for him;" Sherlock and Eurus (made with LiteCollage)

I don't ship it but the reactions are hilarious

I'm serious lol all of their reactions was priceless. Moriarty's was my favorite, his inner diva came out and oh gosh xD

Welcome to the Sherlock fandom. Enjoy your stay.

Buttons on his shirt are always in such tension. Sherlock BBC - Can't hold down the sexyness


Sherlock represents me very strongly in this pic, while my boyfriend is portrayed accurately by John.

If Watson was a woman

I think, the only time I'd accept a girl Watson is with BBC Sherlock. Elementary is all sorts of no.

[Request] The Reuniting by ~NekoWork on deviantART Why is Sherlock a vampire? <---He's not a vampire. He's just so brilliant, he sparkles.<-----he's not a vampire he's a high functioning sociopath do your research

Morarity shot himself and died....just kidding!

Andrew looks very happy - when he's supposed to be faking his suicide and being fake dead. More proof that Moriarty plays Andrew Scott.