[adopt] Reshiram X Arcanine [Closed] by on @DeviantArt

I've been experimenting a lot with coloration recently and I must say I really like that style ^_^It's a but more time-consuming but I think it's worth . [adopt] Reshiram X Arcanine [Closed]

pokefusion_part_1_by_jazzmincat-d6f6shu.png 632×1,264 pixels

They seriously need to make this a thing in the next Pokemon game! Rapidash and Haunter.

Ask Airalin Q7-9 by RakkuGuy on DeviantArt

edit: I guess it isn't very clear, but Airalin can feel emotions. So when people around her are sad she feels sad too. Ask Airalin

Espeon X Latios [open] by on @DeviantArt

big ears espeon gem latios no legs no mouth paws pink fur purple eyes simple background solo tail tattoo text white fur wings