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Sorry I couldn’t find the original source for this

Everyone always goes after the John Green Quote — Sorry I couldn’t find the original source for this

Sand Lake

Fan art and doodles / Korean / Not good at English

Cup of snakes

Cup of snakes

Lapis Lazuli ||| Steven Universe

SPOILER BELOW! Lapis Lazuli will be returning unfused from Malichite! Look it up if your interested.

pretty sure the crystal gems had a few holly blues on their side

monster, jasper, and steven universe image

I love ocean jasper i love this fight i. - B-Jiu [Steven Universe]

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late to the game sapphire/pad is my new favorite character honestly

steven universe | Tumblr

steven universe

steven universe | Tumblr

im in love with mystery girl

im in love with mystery girl

wdgaster, sans, papyrus, undertale

Merry Christmas sans and paps and all you to and gaster

Nerdly Tube

Whenever I try to be undertake trash I always find Steven universe pins instead .

Ela me lembra muito uma gemsona de um artista aí (mas eu não lembro o nome da pessoa, desculpa).

i hate holly blue but her design is great