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Gem Warrior : Photo

Garnet + Rose Quartz = CHERRY QUARTZ or as I call her, Mama Cherry 🍒 Just my interpretation of what they might look like fused

Rosy Pink Diamond

Rosy Pink Diamond

Had a crazy week at Orlando FL, no adults, just my sister, a friend of hers, friends of mine and myself goofing off at the parks . Be back home Sunday morning and Ill continue with some asks that I got last week Meanwhile have a drawing of my Pink.

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I feel like Ruby would be the fork instead because when she gets angry or someone talks to her saffy shed stab them. And sapphire is more well rounded so she'd be the spoon.

Spork fusion

Spork fusion^^ Does this mean Ruby is the aggressive little spoon

G-Squad Sticker

Vinyl Sticker Matte Finish Water-Resistant Measures at around 3 in.

Haha all I saw was the top part then when I look down I saw that any ways I like the top part so much

I just thought of Yellow/Blue/White Diamond saying that during the war, and then just seconds after that Pink Diamond gets shattered and they're just like ".