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Compared to the fantasy world that movies create, yes reality does suck in comparison. Good print advertising can anchor us in the real world in a light hearted manner that sometimes pokes fun at the exaggerated Hollywood realm.

still-of-dermot-mulroney-in-my-best-friends-wedding-(1997)-large-picture.jpg (1376×2048)

Dermot Mulroney: My Best Friend's Wedding. I'm sorry but if my best friend was marrying him we wouldn't be best friends.

Don't mess with this guy! He means business...on his pink girls bike. lol

Real men ride bikes - even if its a girls bike painted pink/purple. Simon Pegg sporting on a girl's bike.

They're all so horrendous!

Are the top middle and bottom middle pictures men or women? The top middle has a feminine face and gosh can't really say which hairstyle i would choose


Funny pictures about Eric from Boy meets world. Oh, and cool pics about Eric from Boy meets world. Also, Eric from Boy meets world.

The original ain't nobody got time for that

The old Disney Channel! The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.that was my show!

Dave Franco. He's just fabulous

Dave Franco is a cat guy. I'm a cat lady. It's meant to be.