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What happened to us????

31 Cheap and Fun Date Ideas for Couples

Good night Tiffany. I hope you have had a great day and that you sleep well!

Watch the sunset or sunrise with a beautiful view. Words don't even need to be exchanged. Just sitting there enjoying each other's company.

I want to touch you, not physically, but within your mind. Discover the things you keep locked away, until we are one, where there is no You and I, but We:

Getting Married Young: The Habits You Need To Outgrow Before You Say 'I Do'

Ik hoop dat je vanavond weer fijn samen kunt zijn en in de tuin kunt genieten van de mooie avondzon ... voel je gelukkig en geliefd als je bij elkaar bent mooie lieve soulmate ... je verdient t om dat heerlijke gevoel weer te voelen .. ❤️

Psychical attractions are common but a real mental connection is rare if you find it hold onto it. This is soo me and Austin!