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Ropa hecha para Barbie que morirías por tener en tu armario


Cute dress from: Анастасия Чудиновских I need to learn to read Russian and/or take up crocheting/knitting, whichever method this dress is created.

Facebook: Novelo de Amor

Анастасия Чудиновских I will so wear this, this woman is so talented and it's unfortunate I don't read or speak her language.


Vol Paradise crochet collector costume Barbie doll pattern. Princess Diana 1981 engagement ballgown, wrap, purse and shoes. Volume Crocheted with

Crochet - Doll Patterns - Doll Clothes Patterns - Pink Pineapple Fashion Doll Gown $2.49

Crochet - Pink Pineapple Fashion Doll Gown - a project for the future . for my dressing table because I am old fashioned girl and still like my dolls and pretty frilly things

Ravelry: Bubble Dress for Barbie pattern by Betty Watson

Bubble Dress for Barbie pattern by Betty Watson

This is a first draft of this pattern. I write it down as I make it and I cannot guarantee that there are no mistakes in it. I myself cannot read patterns all that well which is why I started to create my own patterns.