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Kris' art: I laugh but WITH him, not AT him. I adore his art. and even more adorable that he loves to share it. that's why I photograph, not draw. and I honestly find it sexy.

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Chanyeol looks so fucking happy when he saw the chandara banner xD

[2016, Monster / Lucky One era; Suho's solo V App broadcast] I WANNA SQUISH HIS FACE

that ship has sailed, dear one. (The song, "Jerk It" just popped into my head.

His face is just beautiful

His face, it really says it all XD HAHAHAHHA He's like where did I go wrong in upbringing these childres XD

grown men in eyeliner who eat all the time and super noisy. but you love them rite, leader? <3

I love you, Appa Suho.I hope the grown men in eyeliner love you too EXO

exo showtime

Suho finally asked the question all kris fans wonder about