How to build a kids are always asking if we can build one.  Now we know how

How to build a Birdhouse.The kids are always asking."What kind of bird is that?", "Where do they build a nest, in a house or tree?I often just say we should build a birdhouse and see who moves in!

This birdhouse gives new meaning to hippie chick.

Novelty Solar Birdhouses - Why, you ask? I almost passed up this set of bird feeders but couldn't help myself. This groovy .

Secret Garden Altered Art Tara Orr ...  Gorgeous!  Not a tutorial, but a supply list is included.

Tara Orr for using Secret Garden paper collection, altered birdhouse, Feb.

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Western themed garden décor products to help you create a cowboy/western themed garden

Bird box

A couple of these and we can start making money off those bird squatters - Red Cottage Bird House

nest boxes for swallows - Google Search

Some bird species prefer open-front nesting, and you can provide that for them using the Coveside Open Nest Box. The open face of this box allows you to easily


Garden Glass such a cute birdhouse Barn birdhouse Gourd Birdhouse OOAK bird house