M'oh my god!  Oliver Sacks happens to be AMAZING, but this has got to be one of the coolest book cover projects I have seen.  NICE!

A collection of Oliver Sacks book covers that align to make one incredible graphic. Designed by Cardon Webb. Oliver Sacks is a neurophysiologist and a great writer. One of his books "Awakenings" was made into a move with Robin Williams.

Designer that became recognized in the 60's  Kenzo, Photo by Guy Bourdin French Vogue 1974

Designer that became recognized in the Kenzo, Photo by Guy Bourdin French Vogue 1974

Guy Bourdin, 1983 shows that everything comes back. This is Pantone's color of the year for 214 Radiant Orchid

Guy Bourdin, 1983 The open-format cropping in this image makes the viewer question what is happening beyond the frame. The size of the head is gives it real emphasis. This is to draw the viewers attention quickly and directly to the womans face.

Vogue Paris, January 1971      Model: Donna Jordan     Photographer: Guy Bourdin     Fashion: Yves Saint Laurent

Vogue Paris, January 1971 Model Donna Jordan, Photographer Guy Bourdin Fashion Yves Saint Laurent vintage fashion style does dress padded shoulders long sleeves sheath button front evening studio 54 disco night club movie star wear designer couture

photographed by Guy Bourdin for Vogue Paris, 1971

Vogue Paris February 1971 "Les filles de l’an Models: Susan Moncur & Isabelle Weingarten Photographer: Guy Bourdin