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[request] Waah Waah [ORIGINAL] Knights Templar and Teutonic Knights in their free time > I want to see Lithuania going Waah Waah with the Teutonic Knights! > Knights Templar again please!

Words cannot express my love for this

FACE Family - Little Alfred and Matthew are sharing a plate of spaghetti when.the inevitable happens.

-The younger days of Prussia and Hungary-

"Let's play Robin Hood!" "You play Robin!I-I'm a girl!" << this is wonderful << but didn't Hungary think she was a boy back then?

prussia tryna make sealand dinner "The F is that, you're getting pancakes."

prussia tryna make sealand dinner "The fuck is that, you're getting pancakes.*whispers* prucan)<<< ah Sealand on niin ihana❤️