Steven Universe

chekhovandowl Honestly cannot get enough Connie looking badass. (With a little vial of Steven’s spit in case she gets injured…) >>The spit thing is a really good Idea, but. I dunno, it just sounds disgusting.

One of my fav fusions!!

Anonymous said: Drawing request: favorite Steven Universe fusion Answer: next to stevonnie, this cool bean is my next fav!

She doesn't steal Steven's clothes when he's not looking...

She does not steal Steven’s clothes when he’s not... -

itzitxou: “She does not steal Steven’s clothes when he’s not looking.

Rosy Pink Diamond

Rosy Pink Diamond

Had a crazy week at Orlando FL, no adults, just my sister, a friend of hers, friends of mine and myself goofing off at the parks . Be back home Sunday morning and Ill continue with some asks that I got last week Meanwhile have a drawing of my Pink.

O que você disse, Jasper??

Pointy Mom Lover>A Product of a Threesome voiced by Nicki Minaj

Home world gems suck! But anyway the "three gem fusion is only a 2 gem fusion between garnet and amethyst <<<< technically it's a three way, Ruby, Sapphire, and Amethyst