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☪ we all ѕнιne вrιgнтer тнan we coυld envιѕon ιn oυr wιldeѕт dreaмѕ ☪

now that i am envisioning this i am giggling and slapping my chest like a fangorilla with too much caffine

Heterosexual Awareness Month: Night Vale is taking over tumblr and I love it.

Heterosexual Awareness Month: Night vale I want this to be real

Cecil - Carlos

The first kiss from Carlos' point of view - "First Date", ep.

I don't need my heart broken right now, thank you

and now to attempt sleep with this now broken heart ;

I would be more disturbed by a "normal" Nightvale report than anything he would actually say.

I would be more disturbed by a "normal" Night Vale report than anything he would actually say.<<<we've been hijacked by Desert Bluffs

WTNV Carlos Cecil "Cut short perfect Carlos's hair Perfect Carlos's Hair! Short!"

How dare you touch Carlos's hair. Such a shame! For shame Telly! << I would LOVE to see Carlos' reaction to what Cecil used to say whenever he talked about Carlos before they got together.

I think we are all actively planning the Cecilos wedding. A Cecilios Wedding - 2/2 - NOOOOO <--- OH MY GOD. WHAT IF

are we accidentally planning a cecilos wedding here guys <<yep!

laughing forever at this.  http://imaginenightvale.tumblr.com/post/56370386178/imagine-april-fools-day-in-night-vale-where

laralaralara: “ imaginenightvale: “ Imagine April Fool’s day in Night Vale, where Carlos comes downstairs wearing a bald cap and Cecil won’t talk to him for two days ” to night vale.

Tamika Flynn, defying stereotypes one dead librarian at a time.

plus now she's a self-elected member of the town council.<<Tamika Flynn is freaking amazing

Carlos and Cecil ||| Welcome to Night Vale Fan Art

scholla: “ Late evening date As I promised few days ago, a little comic with these two dorks. I like the idea that maybe one day Carlos will change his lab coat for a casual jumper which would be a.