The best I love my collarbones... had my baby and they still stuck out like I was never pregnant ❤

Skinny Girl Problems When your collar bones stick out ALL THE TIME. Im not skinny.

Lego Holiday Card Set of 6

Lego Holiday Card Set of 6

Give this card to any dad, mom, brother, sister, or really anyone that's had close foot encounters of the lego kind. Dimensions: x Details: Inside is blank. Letterpressed on tree f

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"your anorexic, eat a burger" uhhh thanks for permission. What if I said "your fat, exercise"?

Seriously though, if you ask my daughter (who was overjoyed when she finally made it to 00 in jeans lol) she will tell you "We are the skinniest fat people you'll ever meet!"

omg i hate be skinny fat girls think its hard but it's worse for me. I have been eating m&ms the party bag bf i go to bed and still nothing!