VEGAN Spicy Chili Burgers: Take the heat up a notch in these delicious-looking spicy vegan chili burgers. Brown rice and kidney beans come together to create the base of these beautiful burgers.

26 awesome veggie burgers that will make meat question its very existence

26 Veggie Burgers That Will Make Meat Question Its Very Existence

For your veggie friends @ this summer's BBQs! 26 awesome veggie burgers that will make meat question its very existence.

My New Roots: Wild Mushroom Lentil Burgers with Cashew Garlic Sauce at Whole Living

25 of the Best Ever Vegan Lentil Burger Recipes That Taste Good!

Wild Mushroom Lentil Burgers with Creamy Cashew Garlic Sauce. [I am lazy and would probably just use a portobello mushroom for a burger, but that non-dairy creamy garlic sauce looks wonderful.

I'm getting more interested in vegan diets, I don't think I can fully commit because I also have celiac to worry about, but it's good to start somewhere!  | Organize, save, and share all of your recipes from one location with @RecipeTin! Find out more here: http://www.recipetinapp.com/

32 Vegan Lunches You Can Take to Work

Quinoa and Bean Burger, gluten-free and vegan

Quinoa and Bean Burger: Great-to-Grill Vegan Recipes

These curried veggie burgers are the best veggie burgers I've ever made! Including carrots, lentils, chickpeas, and yummy spices. Healthy and delicious!

Curried Veggie Burgers

Curried Veggie Burgers topped with mango and cilantro - Vegan (Labor-intensive meal but tastes delicious, and you can freeze the leftover patties)

Preparar hambúrguer vegetal em casa é realmente simples! Você pode congelá-los e deixá-los para as horas de emergência, evitando comer…

5 receitas de hambúrguer vegetal

Try Easy Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers! With Avocado! You'll just need 2 cans cannellini white beans, drained, 1 large sweet potato, baked/peeled/mashed.

Moroccan Veggie Burger Wraps

Easy, delicious and healthy Moroccan Veggie Burger Wraps recipe from SparkRecipes. See our top-rated recipes for Moroccan Veggie Burger Wraps.

8 Homemade Veggie Burger Recipes | Women's Health Magazine. Want to try the black bean burger

8 Homemade Veggie Burger Recipes

8 Homemade Veggie Burger Recipes - I'd like to try some of these: Southwest Black Bean Burgers with Lime Cream Curry-Spiced Veggie Burgers Black Bean Burger + Balsamic Onion Jam