Joan Hardie (wonder if I could do this with elephant ears?)

Decorative ceramic stone wear inspired by nature. Designed and handmade by Joan Hardie of Bitter Beck Pottery.

Ceramic Art by Linda Nowell

This would also be nice if you put a candle inside. wonder what the shadows look like :) silver kiln pottery; stunning pottery perfect for my arts and crafts bungalow.

Richard Vincent pottery slip design brush on leaf pattern pottery ceramics clay

Leaf Vase Teal Wheelthrown porcelain, altered, brushed slip relief, teal satin matte, x x

"Paprika", Upsala Ekeby #cerámica #taller                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Carve and Slip/Glaze - carving away layers, (this might count as sgraffito style) and painting the remaining area with a colored slip or glaze.