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Amazing photos from NYC Subways in the and how much things have changed.

A older man reading the newspaper on the subway. | 32 Revealing Photos Of New York City In The 1970s

32 Revealing Photos Of New York City In The 1970s

NYC Streets - Matt Weber

“As ruas de NYC” por MATT WEBER – Série Fotográfica

Subway Love

New York City during the was an entirely different kind of city than it is today. Street photographer Richard Sandler spent much of the decade capturing the urban grit found along the busy.

Nevermind, mítico bar de la cultura skate de Barcelona

Drank at a skate bar, a bar you can skate in.

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America’s Most Policed Art Form: Subway Graffiti, NYC’s Visual Criminal

Underbelly art project paints up NYC abandoned "City Hall" station.  Try to visit and run the risk of being arrested.

We don’t know how, but somehow, somewhere in New York’s subway system, a secret City Hall subway station lurks. With its tall ceilings and brass fixtures,