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Based on that animal petting guide that was around Tumblr a few months ago (unamusedsloth.com/post/8494064… I don't know what I was thinking (=v=....

I don't ship Destiel. << I do and this is FANTASTIC oh my god Castiel < "Just for Dean" xD

why am i still surprised????

"I have encountered my first Fandom Hijack post XD" Supernatural hijacks another post. I think the fourth kind is a butt thing.

At first I was like, "Oh a cute story about Cinderella genderbend", then I was all, "NO OMG THAT'S DESTIEL!!" LOL XD:

I wanna say this is perfect for all my wonderful ships, but the handprint demands me to put this on my Destiel board.<-- It demands me to put it on my SuperWhoLock page.

Actually these writers need to make a character that has all these great ideas from Tumblur for they're monster/demon/angel killing needs

I'd watch an episode of Supernatural where Sam & Dean use a humidifier to kill a demon

supernatural GIF

LOL. Look at this

I love how it doesn't matter how long they have been doing this they still mess with the screen at every convention and yes. His smile has officially made my life