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Pixar Minimalist Movie Posters by Adam Thompson

Pixar Minimalist Movie Posters by Adam Thompson Xx

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"A silent hug means a thousand words to the unhappy heart." - Texts and Quotes

Olive Grove Wedding Part III - the photography for this whole wedding is wonderful! This table setting is simple and refined and I love the thought of it for many different events.

Love the simplicity of the buffet table. Also great for a potluck wedding!

Fotografía damas y caballeros de honor.

Purple bridesmaid and grey tuxes. love the color and the picture too . this is my wedding party lol. but a lighter grey

Don't chase them. Replace them. Amen

Never run for a bus, train or man. When one leaves, another arrives. How wonderful! Oh, so true.


Couples coming out of a stormy past still together has taken their relationship to the next level. Stronger better, both in it forever!but some storms are just too strong to make it through ! Just not meant to be or that relationship served its perpose


People don't pay attention to this kind of stuff until it's too late. Tell them before it's too late and they disappear.

Random thoughts on strength...be strong, your chances of survival are better. www.roypumphrey.com

RandomThoughts on Strength Training

actually Powerlifting USA had an article about this very subject. if a buss were to hit a big ass lifter vs a skinny lazy weakling, who wud damage the buss

never will let the woman of my dreams do it all alone... otherwise I am not a man but rather still a child thinking of myself and only myself.

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There are no failed relationships, because every person in your life has a lesson to teach. Sometimes you simply outgrow people. Don’t try to fix the unfixable, just accept it and move on. When someone leaves you, it’s important to emotionally release them. And know it’s not an ending – it’s a new beginning. It just means that their part in your story is over. Your story will go on.

It doesn't make sense to let go of something you had for so long. But it also doesn't make sense to hold on when there's actually nothing there. (Exactly how i feel)

Just like Olivia Pope says...I am many things but stupid is not one of them.......

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: I want my eyelashes to be as black as my soul and as long as the list of people I hate.

Being a mom (quotes) - Baby Dickey | Chicago, IL

While we try to teach our children all about life.our children teach us what life is all about. And they're still teaching me.

Real World Cartoons

Funny pictures about Cartoons in Real World Scenes by Marty Cooper. Oh, and cool pics about Cartoons in Real World Scenes by Marty Cooper. Also, Cartoons in Real World Scenes by Marty Cooper photos.

Just The Design: Be With A Guy That Ruins Your Lipstick, Not Your Mascara

Amen You bet you'll ruin my lipstick.

<3 wow so true & so awesome!

“Love is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other and who know that even though they are wonderful as individuals, they are even better together.” ~ Barbara Cage /// soooo much better together :)