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Leafpool | by Demi-Dee96 on DeviantArt

EDIT: This has been remade Leafpool as requested~ Okay okay, after recently researching cat markings, I made a bit of a huge fuckup here xD;

Bluestar | by Demi-Dee96 on DeviantArt

EDIT: this has been remade: Been ill the past two days with stomach ache, and so I've picked up my Warrior Cat books again to keep myself occupied.

{Eevee Lover / Amberheart Or Amberclaw}: Honeyfern my #4 Favorite cat in the Warrior Cats series.

{Eevee Lover / Amberheart Or Amberclaw}: Honeyfern my Favorite cat in the Warrior Cats series.

100 Warrior Cats Challenge 29: LONGTAIL

Im longtail im apart of the white surpents ii wear a bonned chest plate and a skull over my head im cruel ame mean

Похожее изображение

Hawkfrost, probably my fav evil cat^^ art: me warriors: erin hunter Hawkfrost

Heathertail | Warrior Cats

------------ warrior cats by Erin Hunter.

Littlecloud by Shimmerspirit on DeviantArt

Littlecloud by Shimmerspirit

Cherrypaw of ThunderClan by *xxMoonwish on deviantART

Cherrypaw of ThunderClan Requested by *ice-glade. Cherrypaw is such a cute character. I love the way the blue contrasts with. Cherrypaw of ThunderClan

Dovepaw or ivypaw: like to vote dovepaw and comment DARK FOREST to vote ivypaw

i was bored so i doodled this ttly adorable cat I was too lazy to outline thouugh xD. And then I made dovepaw and ivypaw from warriors because I t. Sketch: Dovepaw and Ivypaw

HOW DARE SHE INSULT THE GREAT FIRESTAR he isn't a hippie, he just believes in settling things without bloodshed if possible

hey, hey, calling all Firestar fans! This meme person is a butthole! She hates Firestar. Let's all gang up on him/her and go all scourge on him/her.

Cinderheart by TiigerLiily.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Art (c) Cinderheart (c) Erin Hunter Cinderheart

I've always liked lionheart!

I've always like lionheart!

Mousefur by DarianYunidi

Mousefur by DarianYunidi

Strength by Mintkramu.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Strength by Mintkramu.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Warriors by Erin Hunter| Briarlight, ThunderClan, Warrior. She cannot use her back legs. They are broken.

Briarlight, a Thunderclan cat who's back legs were perilized as an apprentice

099 - Cherryfall by Tusofsky

099 - Cherryfall by Tusofsky