Underswap AU {Sans & Papyrus personalities switched} #Papyrus#Sans#Undertale

Underswap AU {Sans & Papyrus personalities switched} Sans makes an absolutely adorable younger brother type. And Papyrus looks awesome as the chill older brother

Undertale :: Underswap :: Victory for Sans by SpaceJacket

Undertale :: Underswap :: Victory for Sans by SpaceJacket<<<fucking genius

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UnderFell Sans meets UnderSwap Sans, and UnderSwap Papyurs takes issue with UF's…

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"The Magnificent Sans" . That is now my favourite thing about smol blueberry Underswap!

I propose that we call this au Underswap, seeing as Swaptale is taken. And, y'know, personality swap.

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undertale, underswap_ I'm just thinking if sans in undertale will speak to toriel. Then will that mean that Papyrus speaks to Asgore?

Underswap!W.D. Gaster by TheScarred

Gaster by The-NoiseMaker So, this means Kid takes his place, then?

Sans and Papyrus

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Yes he went thataway by zarla.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

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