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Dragon half mask in leather  by Shapeshifter or Duncan Eagleston of

This site, Shapeshifter Masks, has some of the most amazing and exquisite masks I've seen. Definitely worth a look!

Hand Made Leather Masks | Gargoyle Lower Half Mask Handmade Leather Mask

Gargoyle Lower Half Mask by OsborneArts on deviantART But bigger. Like those deep sea angler fish

Rabbit leather mask in white.  What the hell?  This thing freaks me out.  Looks too much like Donnie Darko, the freakiest, scariest movie ever.  Hate that movie.  (Rob loves it...FREAK.)

Rabbit leather mask in white // You mean Mike Meyers serial killer mask.

'Goat Mask in Leather' by Teonova on deviantART.

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Leather goat mask is colored with a mix of leather dyes and paints in a combination of dark brown, tan and black. This mask is made of hand molded and f. Goat Mask in Leather

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Thumb bob basset plague doctor art leather mask with

Steampunk gas mask - i really wanted one of these when we were camping. because we had a glowstick red flashlight. and there were this irritating kids who ran around and shined their lights into our rv at night. so what did i want to do??? get a gas mask then wear it outside and stand in the dark. when they ran by, hold up the glow stick and click it on. see what they do. and if they light our rv anymore.

ɛïɜ Gas Mask Steampunk in Deep Red Leather ~ Tom Banwell Designs *** Leather Masks Steampunk ~ Etsy Shop ɛïɜ

Ready To Ship -- Cheshire Cat Leather Alice in Wonderland Cosplay Mask, Tim Burton Inspired

Ready To Ship -- Cheshire Cat Leather Alice in Wonderland Cosplay Mask, Tim Burton Inspired

Human Skull Half Mask Blank, Resin Skeleton Mask, Halloween Mask, Grim... ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring home, home decor, skull home accessories, masquerade masks, skull home decor, halloween home decor and skeleton home decor

Human Skull Half Mask Blank Resin Skeleton by RedNebulaCosplay (he makes a lot of skull and animal masks!