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Diorama Artist Creates Meticulously Crafted Miniatures Scenes from Everyday Objects

Japan-based model artist Akihiro Morohoshi builds tiny railroad dioramas on (and inside) everyday objects like matchboxes, candy vending machines, and Prin

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Urban scene of a war-damaged house and cars. Impressive model with a lot of trash and litter and weathered cars and a lot of details.

Akihiro Morohoshi - O.MORO DESIGN via Fuhito... | Lustik

Japanese Artist Akihiro Morohoshi Has Creates Incredible Miniature Worlds By Using Everyday

「浜松ジオラマファクトリー」 From "Hamamatsu Diorama Factory"...Hamamatsu, JAPAN www.hamamatsu-diorama.com

I have little skill building dioramas, so I really appreciate seeing well crafted ones. THIS one is fantastic just because it's something you would never expect to see as a diorama

Ofra Lapid's Broken Houses.

Small Scale Models of Decaying Homes Built and Photographed by Ofra Lapid.

Building sculpture

Little houses rising into the sky. I really like this piece, beautifully done & reminiscent of those Italian steep hill top small towns. A real challeng to get the angles just right so that each house sits perfectly on the thick wooden pole.

Enclosures by Charles Matton - this is FANTASTIC work

Charles Matton~ A Romantic Collector's Bedroom. Image via All Arts visual © Charles Matton.