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“ Natasha Romanoff knows how to French braid. When team members are passed out drunk (especially Thor and Bucky) she braids their hair. Thor loves it, Bucky complains and says it knots his hair.

I can imagine him dancing around the helicarrier singing "Like a G6"

Bland Marvel Headcanon - Coulson slays at karaoke (we have real world proof of this one, and it is GLORIOUS)

Wade: LOGAN LOOK THEY’RE DEADLY!!!!!:D :D :D  Logan: Yeah whatever Wade you left your chimichanga in the microwave so I ate it. ;D Wade: :(

Damage report penning << But guys Pietro died<< shut up. So did Coulson, Pepper, Loki, and Bucky and yet here they are

“ Bucky is a huge fan of both Fullmetal Alchemist series. While both series have their themes that unnerve or even outright trigger him (Shou Tucker resembling Zola somewhat and being involved in human experimentation, for one) but it’s in Edward and... - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

<Headcanon> After that, it becomes a tradition. At least once a week, they watch a movie made in or set in the headcanons accepted.

Oh Bruce, this is why you're not a monster!!

Bland Marvel Headcanons, now that I think about it why has deadpool barely talked to Natasha in the comics, I feel like they would have a lot in common. Dark pasts and all - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Bland Marvel Headcanon Deadpool<<<i'm only pinning this because i'm wearing a green sweater 0-0

Bland Marvel Headcanon Deadpool Pinning purely for the black dress with the tiny polka dots part!

Bland Marvel Headcanon

I feel like everyone is being extremely competitive and wrecking each other and sabotaging each other and Groot is the only one who is quiet and manages to win every single time because everyone else is too busy fighting each other.