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this music video was just one big acid trip

I honestly find the BS&T Japanese ver. Way more sexier than the original 👀 -

This windpipe laugh never fails to charm me hahahaha

This windshield wiper laugh never fails to charm me, hahahaha!

For real

For real

When you realise Rap Monster has no shoes on.


Clam down tiny pyro

Coming thru

I just became Jimin's girl after watching serendipity and now I feel like in going back to tae

Why ARMYs have trust issues

The duality of Kim Taehyung

leave me alone for awhile let me finish weeping

I noticed this when I listened to it and I about melted😭❤️

this makes me emotional :')

Been here for the bottom row (okay half a month after save me but iT STILL COUNTS)<< been here since Forever young, so not much longer than you. I love how fans have different experiences with them based on the time they come into the fandom


Taehyung I see you 👀

That guy is literally feeling that awesome vibe they are giving off and wondering what he is doing with his life

"I'm sorry but food first bts second." -Gut sitting next to BTS in a McDonald's eating a Mcflurry



Omg i love these two

Yoongi and Jin Blackpink

SERIOUSLY... Everyones theories can leave! I'm done with chu! *scrolls through twitter, IG, YouTube, Tumblr* DAMNIT MUST KNOW EVERYTHING!!! ❤ #BTS #방탄소년단

Everyones theories can leave!

jung, meme, and bangtan image

I wanna hop on jhop (Sorry I had to)<------ smh

Junkook: mom don't be like this..

what jungkook noticed jimin