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One of my submissions for the MAMA fanart contest made it into top help me get to MAMA by liking and sharing the post. (Link above /o/)

BTS <3 omo Yoongi cheering in the background...

It's bts when they performed as I told you! One of my favorite covers and such a good song.

Ray's art blog

refrainbow: “ BTS Dope AU in which instead of working in different industries, they are all working for crime investigations. So so so Jungkook is with the police and handles all the arrests and.

Stuff BTS says.  #BTS #BangtanBoys #BulletproofBoyScouts

They missed Jjang jjang man bboongbboong (and a lot of the times they don't even mean to swear it's just their accent looooool)



Resultado de imagen para xiumin female outfits

Resultado de imagen para xiumin female outfits

Posts de tumblr, tweets, videos y otras cosas sobre Yoonmin.  Espero … #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

♡ MiniMini Couple ♡

Page 2 Read FanArts 2 from the story ♡ MiniMini Couple ♡ by HxyAngxl (˗ˏˋA N G X L ˎˊ˗) with reads.

:D #detodo #De Todo #amreading #books #wattpad

Memes he imagenes de Bts

credit to the awesome artist fabxiao https://twitter.com/fabxiao  min yoonji and the six dwarves

xiao BTSHOT100 on