Explore Hawaii, Exo Monster, and more!

I wanna go to korea and have him as a tour guide XD

And at the end of the tour we'll be having some food at Korea.and for ur hotel ull be staying at Korea. I hope ur all gonna enjoy this tour with me here in Korea - CHEN EXO

Please don't leave anymore. I don't want to see any of the member feel unhappy.

Sad but kinda true. It makes me almost dread a Christmas album

I screamed when I read Tao's

While reading this, I was eating a burger like a maniac XD

Saw his reaction to Lose Control? I was literally him

Chanyeol's reaction to Lose Control tho (although I wish Yixing reacted to Chanyeol reacting to him)

If exo wrote books hahahahahhahaha WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO HUNHAN?!?!

If exo wrote books hahahah <<< Xiumin's and Luhan's oh my gosh I'm dying