20 Terrible problems every K-drama addict faces

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Boys Over Flowers - Looks so natural, happy and a prom scene :)

Boys Over Flowers: I'm currently watching this drama for the time and this picture gives me hope because currently in the drama it's the time frame where every thing starts to go bad :(

Shut Up and Lets Go | Mnet America

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Hahaha <3 boys before flowers


Lee Min Ho gorgeous and uncoordinated:) Just like me! (Wink)

Lee Min Ho gorgeous and uncoordinated :) LMAO! This made me laugh!

Haha. Lee Min Ho. I love this pic. So funny. XD

Lee Min Ho ♥ Boys Over Flowers ♥ Personal Taste ♥ City Hunter ♥ Faith

Aw! I love those moments! It's so weird and awesome to find out that OTHER PEOPLE GO THROUGH THE SAME THINGS! :D

--- happening to me right now. i'm a bundle of love dovey cotton candy fluff with unicorns and rainbows cuz my last drama ended cute hahah