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The real problem for zombies

"Happiness is Fleeting". This makes me kind of sad. Poor Zombie, just let him have his little moment of joy.

Losing his balloon was disarming and showed him the air of his ways.

This is unbelievably sad. This is a zombie, so he has nothing left to exist for. Except this balloon. This balloon is the only thing this zombie has, and it just left him. Look at his face. I feel so bad.

Not sure if Ten or Legolas, nope not even going to try to choose!!! THEY'RE BOTH SO PERFECT OMFG!!!!!!!!!!

do I want the Doctor? No Do I want Edward Cullen? Hell No I want my arrow shooting, poetry speaking, pointy eared Elvish Prince Charming Legolas Greenleaf. Please, I want that elves daddy- Thranduil


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I really like this. Not because of the whole apocalypse thing, but because it would be nice to have an escape from everything...

Apocalypse ready.

forget the whole surviving the zombie thing, and this place is kinda cool, it once stored a Missile, AND it goes down 9 stories. common people this place is insane!

The reality of the #zombie apocalypse... (not as glamorous as we'd hoped)

Funny pictures about Zombie apocalypse reality. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie apocalypse reality. Also, Zombie apocalypse reality.

Companies after the zombie apocalypse

Funny pictures about Zombified Logos. Oh, and cool pics about Zombified Logos. Also, Zombified Logos.

Walking Dead

Funny pictures about Get rid of cable. Oh, and cool pics about Get rid of cable. Also, Get rid of cable.

20 imágenes satíricas del mundo en el que vivimos

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