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Jay Z

I just love that Jay-Z was so sweet about the whole thing. I love his face at the end- this is how I feel when ppl talk about music, I know JAYZ!

She ran onto the field and was smacking the players butts. Lol I love that the players are laughing

This girl is my hero. I love how she tells the security guard to hold on as she goes to run to the other baseball player and grab his butt.


48 things that will make you feel old. (Mostly stuff). LOL at the floppy disk post-it note.


Just a random photo from a stranger…

Funny pictures about Just a random photo from a stranger. Oh, and cool pics about Just a random photo from a stranger. Also, Just a random photo from a stranger.

101 Most Viral 9GAG Photos Crammed Into One Post That is Sure to Make You Laugh


Emails from the house sitter // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Creative vandals.

Funny pictures about Some Smart Acts Of Vandalism. Oh, and cool pics about Some Smart Acts Of Vandalism. Also, Some Smart Acts Of Vandalism.

Cleaning skills AND a sense of humor.  What more can we ask for?

Clean like the Queen of England is visiting -- Knowing Luke & I, this is the sense of humor my children will have :)


Besides the age thing (a ten year old and a fuck if this isnt human trafficking or some shit) this is true

And That's When The Fight Started compilation

And that's when the fight started---- Funny Pictures Of The Day – 93 Pics

not sure why I found this so funny...but I lol'd and lol'd.. except for the F word :(

Reading, Parents and Phone: We must go deeper.

What even. I love the internet. But who would choose going on their phone over reading a glorious, glorious book. And the girl in the picture is reading ddiary of a part time indian (great book)

Você realmente quer essas coisas???

Funny pictures about Things boys do. Oh, and cool pics about Things boys do. Also, Things boys do.

It's fine if you're gonna claim Religion as your moral guide, but then you must......love the other idolaters, sinners, sick people who follow false gods do not judge anyone The Christian way :)

Thy Republican Neighbor. Thy Democrat Neighbor. Thy Pagan Neighbor. Thy Soldier Neighbor. Thy Hippie Neighbor :)