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Yeah its about really about blueberry loving Underfell Sans jacket so much. I just really wanted to draw blueberry with he's jacket, so...  I love so much this two! they are really two op...

A doodle where he smokes. I'm enjoying this oh my god. *cough* A part 2 kinda comic looking maybe-- sort of-- I guess-- whatever PART 2 COMIC VERSION: nonlee.

so since these guys have a house now…I thought I draw a bit of there home dynamic , sorry for any misspellingsand extra to what they deal with…

so here a sketch dump of some more gasters.and of a comic of underswap gaster hugging all of them.he is such cutey!

30DOTPC: good morning, sanshine by Fel-Fisk on DeviantArt

Undertale - Sans x Grillby - Sansby - good morning, sanshine by Fel-Fisk on DeviantArt