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The morning after a hard practice! (TaeKwonDo and volleyball)

Reposted from @livelovevolleyball_7 This happens more than it should! Like if…

Volleyball Life is very stressful . This quote sums up my life because it's like I worry so much that I expected for the worst. When thinking something is going to go bad it's always goes better than expected.

haha, except I'm the one asking the question...

If we played softball in my gym class, I would be boss.

Sorry, it's just a soccer thing.

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The 40 minute "Insanity" work out I did today at home

Pretty much gymnastics practice.

this happens when I'm wearing my goalie stuff. I'm wearing gloves and cleats and I'm covered in mud. Use your brains people. (Basketball Problems)

One time I was wearing my softball uniform and someone asked if I played soccer?

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Soccer and Volleyball Quotes


Field hockey problems😂 all the refs hate me because I push

This is so true XD

totally me all growing up! but also with OCD and ADD once a rip started I'd pick at it and it would end up all the way across my hand :(

It says gymnast problem but it's also a problem for crossfit

volleyball girl problems | Volleyball Problems Tumblr

For real thow

I know it is like round off back handspring oops I went a little  crooked or to much power ow who knew cement was so hard

so true fell off the tumble track a few times

Funny figure skating

Emma Watson aka miss granger aka Belle

Cheer camp: this feeling, three days in a row. We were lying on the sweaty gym floor by the end of each day, and actually finding it comfortable. We were that exhausted.

oh yes

The morning after a hard practice! (TaeKwonDo and volleyball)

once i had three hours between two of my events...and my team was sitting right at the end of the warmup pool, so every time someone did a flip turn we were splashed...

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Sandy Cheeks Texas song - Wish I Was Back in Texas

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vball humor& teen wolf& stiles& volleyball probs& Dylan o’brian