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hehe. I could see that. She walks up to the two archangels and slaps them and starts chastising them and the Winchesters are about to stop her but then realize that the 2 archangels are simply staring at her in confusion and before Michael can kill her Lucifer stops him and says sorry and this would be so fucking cute I might have to write a fic.

I really want an AU where Linda Tran was there at the end of season 5 with the rest of Team Free Will. She would have gotten those two to stop fighting and go sit in the Time Out Pit until they can get along. <<<< THE TIME OUT PIT I CANT

Clever ;)

"No, the one in Miami." Dean telling Garth he went to purgatory. Well, apparently there was a gay bar in Miami called Purgatory.

To write

I just got punched in the feels. Dean Winchester is an awesome big brother.

I am very happy • Supernatural •

I can 100 percent garentee that Jensen and I are laughing for them same reason. It feels like an inside joke that the while fandom is in on

My best friend is terrified of clowns and she made this face as one passed us at a festival the other day

Sam's face though Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie <<< "If it bleeds you can kill it" he looks so adorable when he's scared!

Party On, Garth & Season Seven, Time For A Wedding - Garth appreciation post

Why did they make the devil so funny and witty?! I'm supposed to hate him damn it

Why did they make the devil so funny and witty? I'm supposed to hate him damn it< because that's what the devil is.

Supernatural. Enough said.//when meg called cas her unicorn it made me want to fling myself off a building

Dean is a dinosaur, Cas it's the unicorn, a Sam is the weard creature thing in the back.


"I'm sorry, I don't speak Winchester.I understand Dean more than the word of God sometimes.<<Just remember that Son of a bitch can mean literally anything and BOOM. Now you speak Winchester

This one time it's good XD But...Dean....how do you cut hair with a hammer?

previous pinner asked how u cut hair w a hammer, u fool, he's gonna knock sammy out bc that's the only way he's gonna stay still enough to get his hair cut