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You Used To Hate Running... // Nike

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10-Minute Interval Workout To Lose Weight

Here's a little Pigspiration for all of you running the Flying Pig in Cincinnati…

13.1 Reasons Why I love a Half-Marathon!  http://www.thesilverpen.com/2013/01/14/13-1-reasons-why-i-love-half-marathons/

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Ties for shoe laces

Top 10 Running Shoe Lacing Techniques

Top 10 Running Shoe Lacing Techniques this may just rescue my running shoes that are too tight in forefoot

Running is a blessing.

if i get tired during my workout, i think about my patients who can't do the activities they would like to do. running truly is a blessing. be thankful :]

Self Talk is all you need, it's just it needs to be the right kind.

Stop making excuses and go live your life, Allons-Y "Lets Go!

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Running truly is a gift. Take advantage of it! Clear your mind and feel better about you :) - Nike - Just Do It