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Neon Beauty bright red lips blue eyes lime green neon nails Daniella Midenge in Grazia magazine editorial

I am considering creating a mask design on the face and I really like the shape and style of this one. I believe I could recreate a similar effect with the use of an airbrush

Mua: Frances Hathaway Ph: Yulia Gorbachenko Model: Vanessa Cruz Retouch: Cristian Girotto (Unmarried women don't wear a face painted full white)


Nude face make up with extremely bright red/orange/yellow shaded eyes very good for fall 2014

Black and red!

intense red/pink eye shadow, white liner and light pink lip. I love the pink eyeshadow look so much lately

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Gold foil eyeshadow Publication: Glass Magazine/Issue: Autumn 2012 Title: Trust In Dreams/Model: Shu Pei Photography: Bojana Tatarska/Hair: Yusuke Taniguchi Make-up: Alice Ghendrih