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No No nonono It can't be she is alive your lying she can't be dead. She promised me. I can't live without her nononono. Hiro can't be dead. It's all my fault it is my fault she died............. My fault.............

((Open rp boy or girl needed)) I have just been mugged and they ran away after they stabbed me "some one." I say clutching the stab wound

18193744_1321382264607421_170292689692483967_n.png (561×960)

18193744_1321382264607421_170292689692483967_n.png (561×960)

Traduction fr: Les gens ne pleurent pas parce qu'ils sont FAIBLES Mais parce qu'ils ont été forts beaucoup trop longtemps.

((Open rp i'm the boy)) *Runs to his room and starts crying*