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back to sci-fi stuff sketch paint blah tonight! working on landscape environment days again and go back to mech robot stuff! Other sketch on sketch.

"Snow White" by dandelion-s. Cryosleep. #Sci-Fi #scifi

Concept Art by Dandelion-S - Writing inspiration This is another concept piece that i decided to add due to the characters costume, the colours used just helps give it the sci fi theme.

Hallway Concepts 1-2, Atey Ghailan on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/hallway-concepts-1-2

Hallway concepts for Star citizen , Star Citizen © Chris Roberts, Cloud Imperium Games Corporation

Cyberpunk city

Crossroads digital sci-fi illustration Into the Pixel winner) by NCsoft artist tinfoil (Daniel Dociu) of Seattle, Washington!

Palais Sadard  <3

Ost-in-Edhil was a city founded by the Noldor elves in the year 750 of the Second Age , being the capital of the Kingdom of Eregion

Another kick-ass piece, although I couldn't tell if this one is using any 3D. Still pretty awesome. -->Cityscape 3 by Hazzard65.deviantart.com

Cityscape 3 by cyberpunk, future city, cyber city, flying car, futuristic city (Future Tech Sci Fi)

Portal City

Feng zhu design futuristic concept art city building illustration matte painting speed painting inspiration idea The Art of Animation, by Bigballgao: Certainly a very active piece, which reflects the concept "art of animation.

Brasyl - Imgur


Design by Jacqueline Nasso Cooke Publisher: Pyr Cover Illustration: © Stephan Martiniere

Cats Make Everything Looks Comfy

Cats Make Everything Looks Comfy