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Camille Clifford, Gibson Girl model. The Gibson Girl was defined as an emancipated post Victorian era woman, who wore daringly tight corsets to create an hourglass figure.She wore her hair long, and pulled it back into an updo bouffant or pompadour style. (Camille’s corseted waist was reportedly 18 inches.)

Camille Clifford Edwardian Fashion - The Gibson Girl - became the first century standard of female beauty and style, named after Charles Dana Gibson, a

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Greta Garbo - 1926 - 'The Temptress' - Photo by Ruth Harriet Louise - Collection of the Reisfield Family : love her hat

Camille Clifford~the original "Gibson Girl." A Gibson Girl was the personification

1910's Fashion

Dinner dress House of Drécoll The classic pannier draping and long pointed train of this dress indicates the highest style of the period. Beautiful in shape and style, the piece is an elegant.

Gibson Girls, circa 1906-1909.

A new fashion era is nigh.and a new standard of female beauty is created. Charles Dana Gibson, magazine illustrator of the time, creates the idealized 'Gibson' girl. Edwardian looks circa

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If I ever create a outfit, this is what I'd use as my inspiration. Blue Cotton Walking Suit Of Jacket And Skirt With Detail Of Venetian Point Lace And Glass Beads - ANTIcostume Not actually vintage.

Camille Clifford, "The Gibson Girl"  c. 1904

Camille Clifford was a Belgian stage actress and the most famous model for the "Gibson Girl" illustrations. Her towering coiffure and hourglass figure defined the Gibson Girl style.

Amelia gown 1880s

💝 I thought you might like to look at some more Victorian and Edwardian gowns ladies ~~ These are absolutely exquisite and are like the ones from the.

A stunning two piece gown in green velvet, by Grands Magasins Nouveautés C. Paventa, Rome, c. 1900, at the Pitti Palace Costume Gallery. Via Europeana Fashion.

Circa 1900 two-piece dress in green velvet by Grands Magasins Nouveautés C. Paventa, Rome, at the Pitti Palace Costume Gallery. Via Europeana Fashion.

Beyond classy, silky, broidered, lace , night dress.

Evening dress 1898 of American origin. Ivory satin gown sweeps back into a short semi-circular train. Skirt is overlaid with finely embroidered & beaded black lace. In addition, a black lace & ivory satin bolero jacket sets off this piece ~ long sleeves.


This is something so regal about the Victorian Era. I wish we could wear this type of clothing now.

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Rosalind Lutece

Full evening dress in green silk tunic with beaded embroidered overlay. 1911

1912 Evening dress all in green silk tunic with embroidered beaded overlay. Abiti Antichi- Abito Fashion and Designer Style