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Greninja’s surf could take shape of other water pokemon, it would be really awesome You can buy prints and other stuff here: www. Greninja used Surf

Orange Panda Party

orangetavi: “ Water Shurikens Greninja from Pokemon. Practicing with coloring styles~ ”

Robinroot, Beltigre, Etermaid starter final evo by logancure

Decidueye, Incineroar, Primarina Starter Final Evo by Logancure on DeviantArt

froakie__frogadier_and_greninja_wallpaper_by_glench-d6tlkew.png (1191×670)

Search Results for “pokemon x and y wallpaper greninja” – Adorable Wallpapers

Shiny Altaria, Shiny Lopunny, and Shiny Gardevoir by Sylvaur

^ ^ altaria alternative color animal bird closed eyes closed mouth fanart from deviantart gardevoir high resolution lopunny mega form (pokémon) no people open mouth png conversion pokemon pokemon species shiny pokemon smile sylvaur trio

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