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Daily 3 Math Stations - Math by Myself - Unit 1: #0-10 - number identification, use a dot marker dot all the ones that represent 5

Daily 3 Math - Math by Myself

Daily 3 Math Stations - Math by Myself - Unit - number identification, use a dot marker dot all the ones that represent 5

Love the way this encourages visual in learning! Domino math worksheets: composing and decomposing numbers.   From Class of Kinders at TeachersPayTeachers.com

Domino Math Worksheets: Composing and Decomposing Numbers

Fun, basic math station for start of school.  Perhaps bring in other manipulatives to represent the numeral?

Roll, Write, Tally and Show can be used during center time or in small group. This activity helps students to recognize numbers on a dice as well as different ways to represent the number. Helps students to improve number sense of numbers Abby

Part-Part Whole

Domino Math Worksheets: Composing and Decomposing Numbers

Free for limited time. Number Webs 1-20 Cut & Paste Worksheets {Common Core Aligned}

Number Sense: Number Webs 1-20 Cut & Paste Worksheets, NO PREP

Dump It! for combinations of 10

It's time to talk about math! The Kindergarten Math Centers {by Create-abilities} comes with 354 pages of number sense, counting, and cardinality math games and activities! Each print and go center can be tailored to the needs of your students and differe

Crazy for First Grade: Beginning of the Year Math Stations in First Grade

Teaching math to my first graders at the beginning of the year involves a lot of modeling routines, procedures, and new games/activities. We start off by focusing on numeration- identifying and count

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Don't Feed The Raccoon!

Don't Feed The Raccoon! is a fun, simple, and fast paced game designed to teach preschoolers and kindergarteners to identify numbers, specifically teen numbers. But it could be altered to teach just about anything.

Luminous Learning Level 5 Math Boosters: This isn't your ordinary workbook. No more “drill and kill” of route math practice that makes math unpleasant and a chore. In its stead, precision, clarity, and supports so as to promote an understanding of math concepts. Step-by-step directions, clear examples, and visual aids build students' confidence, understanding, and appreciation of math.

Math Boosters Level 5

Description: This is no ordinary workbook. No “drill and kill” rote practice that makes math an unpleasant chore. Summer Math Boosters emphasize clarity and supports to promote an understanding of mat

Math can be very difficult and frustrating for some children. Because of this, it is important to have FUN, hands-on activities for students. These activities can be used to help introduce, teach, and/or review important concepts that are being taught. Th

Matching Numbers

Matching Numbers with Ice Cream includes nine pages of ice cream scoops, numbers four through Each ice cream cone has a number…