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Di-licious: My sister's wedding cake: Kransekake {Recipe}

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Drive to Byron Bay for my sister& wedding so we could transport the wedding cake I& made her.

Norwegian "Torsk" Fish / white sauce, white fish, white potatoes, white plates, Damn! our food was so WHITE growing up... EVEN the white Pear with White Cottage Cheese on the only green thing... a slice of lettuce. uff da! then again ... wah!!! yum!!!!!

our food was so WHITE growing up. EVEN the white Pear with White Cottage Cheese on the only green thing. a slice of lettuce.

Raspeball. Photo credit: Matprat Astrid Hals - Raspeballer This dense ball of mashed potato and flour is slowly simmered in stock with fatty cuts of sheep or pork. It's usually served with thick cubes of pan-fried bacon and lots of brown butter. Many restaurants serve it as a special every Thursday afternoon. However, at its core, it is a heavy-duty farmer's dish. One can only assume it was designed to keep the workforce insulated during the harsh Norwegian winter. The result is a glorious…

10 foods to try in Norway

The Many Varieties (and names) of Komle or Respeballer. Potato dumplings that are very dense and filled with some type of meat, usually fatback or some type of pork and boiled. It is comfort food to a Norwegian like baked mac n cheese is to an American

How to make Fattigman - Bothell Sons of Norway

Love this video of how to make Norwegian Fattigman cookes (Poor man's cookies) I made Fattigman cookies only once. For my great Uncle Simon who was craveing them!

Riskrem med rød saus

Riskrem med rød saus - Norwegian rice pudding with red berry sauce. One of my most favorite desserts ever! Reminds me of my trips to Norway every time I make it. :) If only this recipe was in English!