To Do: Prague

Golden Lane - Prague My thoughts on Prague .I believe that Walt Disney got his inspirations from visiting Prague. It was a lovely and interesting city with twists and turns that made walking around an adventure! I loved Prague!

Be your own tour guide with this map of the Big Island

Big Island, Hawaii I live In the Kailua Kona District This is the sunny side of the Island Hilo, on the other side is more tropical and rains a lot. Don't care where I am I love the Big Island.

How to Travel to Europe on a Budget! One day I will get there..

How to Travel to Europe on a Budget

Gaudi: Sagrada Família

What’s the name of the famous church in Barcelona? Sagrada Familia (Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família).

Rothenfluh near Schwyz in Switzerland-only seen Switzerland from the airplane and been in the airport, would love to see this

Rothenfluh near Schwyz in Switzerland Heidi is getting ready to roast the swiss cheese.