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Red Pierrot Butterfly

The Red Pierrot butterfly (Talicada nyseus) is a small but striking butterfly found in South Asia and South-East Asia belonging to the Lycaenids or Blues family.

Melanis cephise - White-Rayed Pixie - So Pretty! Love how it looks like white veins!!

Melanis cephise - White-Rayed Pixie - So Pretty! Love how it looks like white veins!

Mom, I really miss you so much, everyday you cross my mind! This board is dedicated to our relationship together.we are NOT only mother and daughter, we are BEST FRIENDS ALWAYS!

Heliconius Doris Butterfly -- by Stephen Just

Heliconius Doris (note: even the purple flower looks like a butterfly to me, imho:)

Flickr / "...Repito por pura alegria de viver: a salvação é pelo risco, sem o qual a vida não vale a pena !..." (Clarice Lispector)

The butterflies wings makes an oval with many little ones in side of it. The leaves in the image are organic shapes. The image has value because the butterfly is dark and the leaves and back ground have a lighter colour to them.

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Blue-Mormon [Papilio polymnestor] - the second largest butterfly found in India, and the State butterfly of Maharashtra, India - sipping the nectar.

Euphaedra themis - Google Search

Ventral view of a Common Themis Forester(Euphaedra themis) photographed by Les Catchick in Central Ghana in October 2011

Baltimore Checkerspot

Baltimore Checkerspot (Euphydryas phaeton 0 open wings) is a North American butterfly of the family, Nymphalidae.