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Compendium of Radness

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Denise Nestor

クヴィント・ブッフホルツ『和を乱す者はただではすまない(出る杭は打たれる)』(1990) Qint Buchholz - Weh dem, der aus der Reihe tanzt

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Weh dem, der aus der Reihe tanzt / Woe to Those Who Step Out of Line – Quint Buchholz, 1990

more awesome ocean art by Chalermphol Harnchakkham

Tattoo of a wave that looks like the moon! Omg I love this tat I'd so love to get this :D

Illustration by Denise Nestor. #art #illustration #animal

Denise Nestor's Quiet Compositions

fox calendar image

By: Renee Nault The fox really stands out with its deep red orange fur and the white of the snow.