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((Ran away from home struggling to keep a roof over her ajd isak head)) Hey I'm Nora and I just moved here from Norway with my friend isak. I'm a very strong and independent girl and I study journalism because I want to be a journalist anyway I'm overprotective off my friend isak so you mess with him you mess with me. Anyway come say hi I guess

Skam Noora (could be daughter of Jennifer Lawrence character or Peggy Carter character)

Фотографии SKAM | СТЫД – 27 альбомов

Hey I'm Nora. And I am a sinner who is trying to make it better I had sex without marriage and now I am not going to make the same decision. So anywah I'm trying and my friend Isaac is helping he is a priest so yeah come say hi if you want.

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Tarjei Sandvik Moe & Henrik Holm are poster boys for large & malleable fandom but the two young Norwegian actors are still feeling the aftershock of Skam’s international success.

Forever 17

Noora Sætre was my introduction into what a strong independent feminist teenager was and she inspired me to be more proud of my womenhood and to not rely on boys or anyone rly to be who I am


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Skam - Season 2 with Noora (Josefine Frida Pettersen) in the main role.