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How to Draw a Realistic Eye with Colored Pencils #howtodraw

How to draw a realistic eye with colored pencils. Prismacolor pencils are layered to create a natural looking eye in this tutorial.

Start the lips with an outline similar to a heart with extensions on the side for the corners of the mouth. The inner line is deep and shaded darker. Practice and look at models and draw their lips.

Water is often viewed as an extremely difficult substance to draw realistically, but I hope that my step-by-step tutorial will make it seem a lot easier!

★ How to Draw a Water Drop

Anyone who draws or paints will know that mastering the art of creating realistic water images is very difficult and requires different skills and techniques compared to drawing other objects and textures. Because water is transparent, it takes on.

Jordan runs his own website entitled Tutodraw, which contains many tutorial videos showing...

Artist reveals top tips for creating incredibly realistic masterpieces

Drawing hair in colored pencil - Tips apply to human hair and animal hair.

How to draw realistic hair in colored pencil (Written tutorial, no step-by-step photos)

Art Ed Central loves: Fun Realistic Drawing - the impact of a drop on water

Fun Realistic Drawing - the impact of a drop on water Here is a drawing of a drop of water that affects a water surface , the effect reminds reality Matérie.