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Just take a few minutes and actually give this some thought...

Visualised facts about the meat, dairy industries & vegan life, all laid out in black and white.

Some people don't understand why I'm vegan. I don't understand why they wonder. www.inthesoulshine.com.au

BE VEGAN and end the part you play in upholding "acceptable" violence, animal cruelty and exploitation inside cultural "norms" of society. It's never too late to learn reverence for life.

Cancer Cured in 3 Minutes - Awesome Presentation by Gregg Braden

Cancer Cured in 3 Minutes - Awesome Presentation by Gregg Braden Please pray to Heal Jeremies Colon Cancer!

Don't complain eat dead feel dead

I ordered a slab of bloody muscle, tendons, bone, and veins -- and their's a hair in it.

Amazing, 30-minute pea pesto pasta that's vegan, gluten free, and tossed with arugula and sun-dried tomatoes.

Pea Pesto Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Arugula (Vegan + GF)

Never assume anything

Gentle non-hateful confrontational method. Serve them amazing vegan cooking. If that doesnt get them over?

Vegan - A culture that will exploit non-humans will also exploit women and children. There is no doubt of this. If you can desensitize yourself to the suffering of another being because you wish to exploit them, their species or their sex will not matter. THAT is the root of the problem.

Still not going vegan. don't tell me what "a real feminist is"just to try making me feel like any less of a feminist. It's kill or be killed

Vegan Meme Philosoraptor

Vegan Meme Philosoraptor - Why do we grow crops to feed to the animals we eat when we could just eat the crops?