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Spiritual Battery charger

I heard a wonderful illustration - how can we refill and recharge others' spiritual batteries if our own gas tank is empty? We must recharge ourselves first, then go on to recharge others.

No Trespassing JW's Welcome

Jehovah’s Witnesses—Official Website

No Trespassing but JW's welcome.wouldn't it be awesome if this were every "No Trespassing" sign on our territory?

Convention programs 1922-2010. I was baptized on my birthdate 7/23/1993 @ the Divine Teaching District Convention in Houston, TX/ Astrodome.

District Convention Programmes from 1922 to present day. The earliest program cover (not convention) that I really remember is Integrity Keepers.

Putting on the complete suit of armor from Jehovah, is the only way to survive Satan's crafty schemes!

All of these activities are equally important in maintaining our spiritual health! Get a firm grip and don't ever let go!

Jehovah's qualities! Wow! I needed this! Something to go through when I have my Personal Worship Night! #excited

"A list could be made of more than 40 different qualities of Jehovah." (Watchtower, June Qualities mentioned in the Publications Index under Jehovah: Qualities By Name.

Infographic: every dream in the bible (and what they mean) I know his family-great Christian folks.

Infographic: Every dream in the Bible and what they mean.Excerpt: "Sometimes in the Bible, God communicates to people in dreams. Some of them are symbolic (like the dreams in Daniel), and some involve explicit instructions from God.

You mean the collection of dead men who took the oral tradition that we know now as "the bible" and put it into writing in accordance with their own prejudices and beliefs? Those authors? Hard to know them. Because, as previously stated,  they are dead. Just saying.

Knowing the Bible is One Thing, Knowing the Author is Another - Inspirations How true nothing like a personal relationship with the living God

Reduce Anxiety! Practical Advice!

Throw All Your Anxiety on Jehovah—1 Peter 5:7

Jehovah’s Witnesses: Our official website provides online access to the Bible, Bible-based publications, and current news.

The Brooklyn, Patterson, and Walkill branches of the United States Bethel. Brooklyn Bethel is the world Headquarters for the Jehovah's Witnesses.

This is our dream Vacation destination. Visiting feels like a paradise peaceful home.