African Daisies. would make a nice tattoo. I could put my kids names on the petals, it's such a pretty flower.

African Daisies by Lynne Jenkins - African Daisies Photograph - African Daisies Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Dahlia: "Tartan"

Must plant this Spring: Dahlias Dahlia 'Tartan' - White and dark red petals are long and twist and turn towards the ends. Blooms measure across.

~~Dahlia Ronaldo by Visionspictures~~ Perfect for a tattoo ... love these colors too

Dahlia Dahlia Sp Ronaldo Variety Flower Art Print by VisionsPictures

Black Dahlia Flower/Arabian Nights Dahlia - Could be a great wedding flower

Japanese Camellia, Camellia japonica - Plant information. Healthy Home Gardening, Pictures, Video and Information about Japanese Camellia.

Gorgeous white Dahlia with fuchsia tip petals.

~~Dahlia 'Matchmaker' ~ Fluffy white center with hot pink tips, spectacular garden and cut flower Dahlia Barn

Dahlia (Dahlia Variabilis Dwarf Double Opera Yellow) - Grow your own Dahlia…

Dahlia (Dahlia Variabilis Dwarf Double Opera Yellow) - Grow your own Dahlia Variabilis seeds to fill your flower beds and containers with this sun-loving annual. Dahlias are well-liked because they ha